• CURRENT HEADQUARTERS: Alicante / Valencia (Spain)
  • SPECIALIZATION: travel and tourist food


FORESTIA is a Spanish brand with over 30-years of experience, specializing in the production of complete, highly nutritious and energy balanced dishes. The food is created for outdoor practitioners who want to eat a high-quality, hermetically packed meal, during their acitivity. It’s possible to do in a pot, without necessary to using of hot water. If you want to eat your meal in home, you can use a microwave. Forestia’s dishes are appreciated also due to good taste, not only for nutritional aspect. These products are devoid of GMOs, harmful fats as well as artificial preservatives and flavors. The owner of the brand – the Jompisa company – prepares all dishes based of products from checked, long-term suppliers who fulfill a strict control requirements. Forestia is distinguished by a large variety – the manufacturer’s portfolio includes both meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan dishes. All of them are prepared according to the recipes of Mediterranean, Indian or Far Eastern cuisine. Important aspect – all packaging containing meals is fully friendly to human health and for the environment, moreover are 100% recyclable. Forestia is also a member of a certified organization Ecoembes, working for the protection of the environment. The producer’s motto is: „We are not only what we eat, but where we eat. We are Forestia.”

More information:  https://weareforestia.com.

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