• CURRENT HEADQUARTERS: Bozeman / Montana (USA)
  • SPECIALIZATION: backpacks – military, hunting, mountain & tourist, city


MYSTERY RANCH is an American brand created in 2000, specializing in the production of backpacks for special tasks. Destination – needs of military units, fire and medical services, as well as travelers, mountaineers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who expect from their equipment fully reliable in a difficult terrain conditions. However, Mystery Ranch is not only task and field backpacks but also high-quality city backpacks, as the flagship Urban Assault line, especially with the key 21 l model capacity.

The creater of the brand’s success is Dana Gleason – the co-founder of no longer existing, valued company Dana Gleason, specializing in the production of mountain climbing backpacks. Their proprietary patents are used today not only by Mystery Ranch, but also by other producers, including Marmot. Their most important solution is the 3-ZIP construction, which is a practical and convenient system of fastening and unfastening the backpack from three sides, allowing easy and quick access to each of the backpack’s compartment. Other key solutution is the OVERLOAD ™ system, which enables the further packing of equipment in a section specially designed for this purpose, located between the main compartment of the backpack and the frame.

The recipients of Mystery Ranch backpacks are e.g. elite commando units, e.g. American Navy SEALs. Thanks to feedback from similar – most demanding – users and technological development, key models are constantly being improved. Currently, Mystery Ranch is one of the global leaders in their product category. The brand is available on five continents, in almost 40 countries.

More information: https://www.mysteryranch.com.

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