• CURRENT HEADQUARTERS: Berkshire / South East England (England)
  • SPECIALIZATION: tourist first aid kits, mosquito nets and insect repellents


LIFESYSTEMS is one of the four brands – next to LifeVenture, LittleLife and Mountain Paws – of the British company LifeMarque. What all products of LifeSystems have in common is the target group, which focuses on tourists, travellers and survival enthusiasts spending their time outdoors and in the nature. It is their experiences combined with the advances of science that help shape the offer of the brand and influence its innovations. LifeSystems started in 1989, when Mark Cobham and doctor Anna Koziell created high-quality first-aid kits for tourists. Over subsequent years, their product offer expanded by, among others, impregnated mosquito nets, insect repellents, suntan lotions, emergency blankets and sheets, or water treatment agents. All those products aim to protect tourists and travellers staying away from access to medical care centres. Currently, LifeSystems products are available in over 30 countries on five continents.

More information: https://www.lifesystems.co.uk